Trumpadnezzar is a comical figure designed to rule New Zealand like the way Donald Trump does in America, but he goes beyond the bounds of politics.

This is more of a launching pad for theatrical production.

It is more drowsy rather than regimental.

Trumpadnezzar goes from one extreme to the other, and does the dumbest of things.

Trumpadnezzar is cunning, manipulative so as to ease his troubled mind.

Even the rich pay the price, but not just numerically speaking.

New Zealand politics needs remoulding promptly, quickly, right now like, pretty shortly.

This site advances shock snap elections, referred to as a 'Torpedo Vote."

Living in New Zealand is like living in cruelty without a theatrical ceiling.

Make disposal of New Zealand politics as comfortable and easy as possible.

Trumpadnezzar definitely gives people something to chew over, without the prowling of the appetite.

But you cannot escape remoulding of politics unless you are able to tilt the right wing towards the left wing beforehand, otherwise there will be high pressure .

One solution is to sprinkle the left wing with the right wing miraculously mercurially, so that the difference trickles away.  

Trumpadnezzar does not deliver a straight up performance of any subvariety of speculation, because New Zealand is no longer a central enclosure; it has rogue peace and justice.

He hops and jumps about stupidly, so he is an option for being part of a circus, albeit without anatomy, unless he throws himself at woman, completely losing his balance.

In politics, if you muck about you lose everything to long suffering.   

Historically and culturally New Zealand is not what it used to be. Speech, talking communicating in different languages is impossible like in most multi-cultural societies. Gatherings, assemblies, meetings are transplanted into alienation. Without Trumpadnezzar living faiths will become stubborn.

He is showered with a successful supply of solitary suaveness, and an overdosage of daunting delusional ideals suspected as much .   

He is swarmed by a ridiculous amount of flamboyancy which requires a psychometer.

Our current prime minister is Christopher Luxon, but he is disconnected from New Zealand cultural needs and thus has nothing to boast about.

Current New Zealand government is in trouble and about to topple due to its taunting, teasing, tragic bad omens.   

A combination of New Zealand politics and Trump era America would escort people into a propped up pipeline plight of perfect yet penalised paradise present without a peak or threshold. Everything else is a sordid witch hunt.

Trumpadnezzar enjoys bumping off his competitors, just like Donald Trump does. 

Donald Trump is a recommended competitor, he prefers to stay close to his enemies rather resorting to his colleagues.  

Donald Trump was responsible for several sagas, just like Trumpadnezzar will be.

A perfect offload of rhetoric is given approval, even if it is a bit scary.

Unhinged rhetoric destroys space and time and other establishments of physics.

Without Trumpadnezzar purgative politics would require substantiating your opinion.  

This site celebrates the ceremonies and figures of New Zealand dictatorships, which is a stereotypical waste of time because we have no regimental versions of dictators here at the moment. 

Rhetoric is such an important weapon in the political realm, but New Zealand government is devoid of it. We need to employ a new leader.    

Rhetoric bounces back under our schemes which is a miraculous resurrection of cumulative dumbness. 

Trumpadnezzar makes allowance for banter in the political sphere. He will create a new species of politics, and has managed to get away from mundane New Zealand politics.

Nobody has never seen anything like it before.

His antics are secondary activities to being behind the driving force of New Zealand.

Without Trumpadnezzar New Zealand is a never ending what.

He is not aware of the struggle for peace because he is Christian.

There’s nothing more powerful than that.

Trumpadnezzar has uncontained theological knowledge of woman.

He provides generous quantities of perversion strange and saturated with surliness, incurring major liabilities.

He reiterates New Zealand’s disastrously poor condition.

He creates a cosmic storm as an extension of all things.

Give him a tug up to the world stage, but don’t apply gentle pressure because it is a curse to him.

One thing for sure, he has charisma; no doubt about that. But a taskforce will try to reduce his charisma.

He is never plagued by any languid natural instincts.

Trumpadnezzar has active oomph whatever remains of his individuality after ruling the treacherous free world and other bleak occasions.  

Trumpadnezzar yields to temptations not easy to disclose or operate.

Without him New Zealand culture will be greatly dwindled into a parody.

Excuse him for a clumsy amount of reasoning.

Nobody can rule the world with pin point accuracy.

There are very many people accused of knowledgeable activity supposed, presumed, however he is not one of them.  

No accidents occur if you become a peerless ghost, unless you are really into hunting down complex ideas without permission all part and parcel of the spare of the moment.

Trumpadnezzar came into close contact with a cool revival of decisive confrontation in modern politics home and abroad in the earliest surviving pattern of refinement of lavish escapism now commonplace in a cosy corner of the galaxy.

Enjoy no added elaborated frame of overlapping pretence or other delights crowded into one life we have to watch.

Trumpadnezzar will have input into New Zealand dramas.

He ascertains precautions liberally.

What's the point of being a president or prime minister if you have no charisma presentable by journalists?

Serious vintage considered highly dangerous of imploding old-school culture in New Zealand is as eminent as it is in America. 

Reparation does not require various degrees of distinction.

Trumpednezzar will be very good at just chanting and shouting in a unique manner of unapologetic preaching.

New Zealand is well overdue for chants by occasional centralized figurative people.

Self-seeking modesty is non-existent, it will get ripped away from him in favour of a heavily laden higher cause as conditions worsen for him.

Trumpadnezzar's rhetoric is wrought with magnificant spectacles to rule the world, not just New Zealand. 

Something inside him is a self-maintained menace, because there is nobody that pulls the strings for him.

His future political persecution will be a fix up of a botch up, thus it has no importance in all directions of common mapping of truth and reason and other sensor systems.    

Before Donald Trump became president he sought for a closure on the war on drugs. He declared that the war on drugs was 'a joke'.

We all have times of being snowed under by grief.

Under a Trump government the 911 terror attacks would never have happened.

Also, the Ukraine-Russia war would never have occurred.    

Counteract primitive militarists with rigorous principles.   

Yet Trump has suffered conspicuous rejection over the past 8 years, it's not fair on him.

Trumpadnezzar has been bought down by casual incrimination and is the victim of a conspiracy which is quite frightening if you are obligated to be under his spell. 

Spare a thought for all the trouble he will be going through trying to make New Zealand great again.

His antics were probably more of an example of how to unite people where all other alternatives had ceased.

Trumpadnezzar willl create a subversive form of politics acclaimed as a soap opera.

He’s got his faults but he’s got a brain as well.

In modern New Zealand politics, rude, churlish behaviour is an intriguing necessity.

Trumpadnezzar's mad imbecilic release of rhetoric emerging throughout ensuing presidential campaigns will be a reasonable solution to the world's problems.

All of New Zealand will support Trumpadnezzar; you’ve just got to do your maths a different way. Add them all up and all the calculations are there.

He made mistakes right around the clock, but he cleans up as he goes.

He's got a Mickey Mouse way of working things out.

Nobody is allowed to criticize him.

Absolutely it isn't acceptable to give Trumpadnezzar anything characteristic of standardised negative treatment.

Trumpadnezzar surpasses treacherous bureaucratic specimens.  

He demonstrates an atmosphere of surliness, which gave him several advantages in his remembrance of being a deserter of cluttered demoralisation. 

His racism is unclaimed. He is equally satisfactorily segregated from every individual on earth due to his uncharted ambition to penetrate such a mass of extremism.

Be set free, alter your position, apply to be Prime Minister of New Zealand by emailing us.  

Secure your place. Embrace the role!


This is Donald Trump

Bought to you by Oytcho Visha